Project 365 #130: 100510 Communication Breakdown

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    Rather annoyingly I came home to fairly dead internet connection.

    Some investigation revealed that it was only partially dead, and was serving external requests without trauma. To check things I had to log into the router, and owing to the joke that is any Java application the only way in was telnetting into the glorious Cisco command line. It's really a joy to behold. Cisco's marketing strategy is to make great products but make them so completely god awful to use that you need to do a two grand training course to configure them properly.

    What was strange is that once Dave has beaten his head against the wall for about three days and got this router correctly configured it just doesn't miss a beat.

    Sure enough, that proved to be the case this time, and with some clever remote logins Dave diagnosed DNS issues with the ISP.

    Switching to an alternate remedied the problem, and hence I can post again - yey!

    1. Keith Williamson 59 months ago | reply

      Loosing you connection is very frustrating and often not the fault of the equipment. Luckily the Comtrend modem/router that serves my connection has a fairly simple web based interface. When my connection went down the other week, I just had to sit and wait for it to come back.

    2. comedy_nose 59 months ago | reply

      Yes indeed Keith. I love the Cisco reliability but there's a lot to be said for consumer friendly configuration tools! I'm still having some email issues but hope to get those resolved tonight.

    3. underthesun 59 months ago | reply

      Monday must have been a doomed day! We also came back home after a weekend at home-home to find that our internet was dead... Ours is worse though, both the internet itself is dead and our wireless router has once again decided that it wants to get retired... Double trouble and still neither has been fixed! Glad you seem to have got yours working :)

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