Project 365 #37: 060210 Slumming It In The BMW

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    I mentioned last night that John was visiting. He's a journalist for a leading car magazine and he'd actually managed to blag a Derby ticket from one of the manufacturers. Sadly Liverpool won, but I don't think there was actually any blood spilled which is a good result for a derby.

    John is always at some point driving a 'test' car. Obviously they write car reviews, and whilst Clarkson would have us believe that all reviews are as the result of hooning round a deserted airfield for two hours, the reality is that the mag has a long term fleet, and that they run cars for three to six months to see what they're like.

    It's a bit of a lottery as you really could be given anything, but he's touched lucky in running Mercedes cars for a while which he seems to be pretty impressed with.

    He was explaining to me that as the car market enters freefall more and more prestigious manufacturers are prepared to lend out cars on medium to long term loan.

    Cutting a long story short he's slumming it a bit in the BMW 635 that he was in today whilst he's waiting to take delivery of the Aston Martin.

    Nice work if you can get it. :)

    1. Keith Williamson 107 months ago | reply

      First off - a great photo. Most of us would have gone for the whole car but you honed in on an interesting detail.

      We are watching old Top Gear programmes on television at the moment; I think we are up to 2004 now. One car which we've seen a lot of in the programs is the Aston Martin DB9 - a dream of a car. I don't care about the performance bit which is academic for me but the looks and the sheer luxury of the interior......

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