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Project 365 #2: 020110 Vegetarian e-mail | by comedy_nose
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Project 365 #2: 020110 Vegetarian e-mail

As it turns out, my mobile shot of the apron at Manchester's terminal 2 really wasn't very good, as I think my shivering hands had given me some dodgy camera shake.


On to other things then. You might remember the system drive in the house server failing some weeks back. Dave sweated on the rebuild and got us back up very quickly. One thing he didn't do was set up a fetch for email from one of my domains.


For reasons of convenience, I elected to route those emails through my google mail account as a temporary measure.


I'll just say 'Wow!'. It certainly won't be a temporary measure! Like so many people, I'm plagued by spam. A combination of filters and Mozilla Thunderbird's junk management system kept things fairly well under control and it was manageable.


Having routed my email through gmail though, I now don't see spam. At all. My inbox is totally meat free.


The gmail service has really grown and expanded, and will now act as a POP server AND an IMAP server, and they still don't want any money from me!


What's lovely is that I haven't even needed to use the server functionality. I'm just doing a simple forward and it's trapping the spam and preserving all of the sender information, so it's effectively transparent.


The thing is of course that spam detection is never 100% accurate so you need to check it periodically to make sure that nothing has been binned. That was today's job.


As you can see, my spam box is currently holding 6,842 emails - that's from the week since 26/12/09. Of those 6,842 messages every single one was Spam. That's a 100% identification rate. Nothing got trapped that shouldn't have, and nothing got released that shouldn't have. I'm astonished.


I'm often accused of being a google fanboy, and I still maintain my position. Just like Asda, they don't let me down. If they keep on providing great services - often for free - then I'm happy to soldier on using them!



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Taken on January 2, 2010