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Project 365 #221: 090809 Ling Does His Thing

Today was Blackpool Air Show, and as the Reds were displaying Laura just had to be there!


Actually, it wasn't at all bad, and for a free show you had no cause for complaint at all.


This show was unsual as I got a whole pile of photos of the Reds that I was happy with, and they're normally not much good. Although this probably isn't the most attractive of the bunch, it's the one I've always tried to get and never managed.


This is the synchro pair doing opposing passes, basically flying towards each other at a closing speed of about 800mph and making it look as much as humanly possible like they're going to collide without actually hitting each other.


It's ALWAYS terrifying to watch, and the fact that one of these planes is fairly sharp and the other a little blurry at a 1/1250 shutter speed kind of tells you just how fast these things are hooning along.


I can't claim any credit for the timing, as it's impossible to time it. You click like mad and hope for the best, and if you get a perfect shot then you're either damn lucky or you've taken thousands.


Yes, I'm entirely happy with this one. :)

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Taken on August 9, 2009