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Project 365 #182: 010709 My Biggest Fan

In the middle of winter when the car doors are freezing shut and you're walking round the house in two jumpers shivering, do you think I complain? Not a bit.


The sole reason for this though is that I know what an insufferable whingeing grouse I am in the summer. When people say to me in that quasi-patronising tone "ah yeah, but I bet you're the first to complain when it's cold, aren't you?". No. I never complain when it's cold. And by God I make the people around me suffer for that when it's hot. ;)


Keith will, I'm sure, be reading this and laughing his socks off at us nearly fainting when we've barely reached thirty degrees, but I also know that he knows the difference between being in it and working in it.


Time for another shower soon.


Bah. ;)


Oh, and this is a crappy mobile shot because I left my camera in work. Doh! And I normally crop them to 3:2, but I forgot to do this one, which means that rather than replacing it, it is fated to forever stay at 4:3 and probably be the only one in my 365. :)

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Taken on July 1, 2009