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Project 365 #103: 130409 Just Give It A Kick

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It's another motorbike pic today, and some truth to the old adage "not working...have you tried kicking it?"

This is the CG125 which is one of the few bikes left with a kick starter. These days a modern CG125 comes with electric start, and it's a luxury I'd love to have. It's not that kick starting is difficult (though it can be a bit physically awkward sometimes) but sometimes being able to crank the engine for just two seconds continuously will make the bike roar into life where the kick start just doesn't give quite enough. Ironically, this bike loves starting in the depths of Winter. It's just when the ambient temperature is higher and none of the three choke settings are quite right that it can be fiddly to keep running.

Anyway, I was checking the bike over as it's due an MOT soon. There was oil in the air filter which may or may not be right - I need to research it - but otherwise all seemed fairly well. It might finally fail on fork seals this year. Every MOT he says 'those fork seals will need doing soon' but I do SO little mileage that I've escaped so far. We'll see. I took the photo because for some reason it just cracked me up that the kick starter was actually labelled. I don't know why but it did!

  1. Keith Williamson 61 months ago | reply

    I suppose kick starting a bike is a bit like using a starting handle on a car used to be. If everything is in tune it will work but otherwise its going to be a lot of sweat and wearing.

    I love the way you have pointed out the rust spots for us.

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