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"woe is me..." | by come_wat_may
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"woe is me..."

Here is Keiko. She would have you believe that lounging in my apartment all day with a dish full of food, and a bowl full of water, is tough. The hardships she must face perusing through the hallway, staring at the birds, and jumping on the kitchen countertop just seem to make life soooo unbearable. * sigh *


On another note, besides my actress of a feline, I’ve been tagged by Anna (Visual Metaphor) and thus here is a little more on me…


Favorite film? Inception, although I finally got to watch the remake of True Grit and really liked it.


Cursive or print? Print-my script is horrible!!! Plus I mostly write in caps anyway, thanks to drafting school.


Silver or gold? Silver, even a guy can appreciate Tiffany stuff… haha! My money clip and key chain are from Tiffany’s. Although the money clip is still tight, it doesn’t get to expand much. ; )


Favorite dessert? Ummmm, dessert? Why is this not plural???? Well too bad! Favorite dessert(S) are, Pralines-n-Cream from BR, Crème Brulee, and a toss up between a Classic Chocolate Cake, or a Red Velvet Cupcake from Cake Couture. (Yes, it has to be from Cake Couture) Damn it, I’m forgetting a Cherry Pie from Cake Monkey with Vanilla Ice Cream from “Milk.” They are only in Los Angeles…very sad!


Favorite place in the world? Hmmm, this would have to be where I am at right now. On my sofa! ; )


Damn my dessert answer was long!!! Woohoo, tomorrow is FRIDAYYYY!!! And actually already is for some of you….envious! Peace out!


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Taken on September 4, 2011