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Beyond the Surface

{September 5th, 2012}


Pushing my boundaries kind of became my leitmotiv lately. I enjoy creating the images I've in mind and I don't let my technical limits stop me anymore. I remember that something like six months ago, I was so afraid about taking pictures and having lost my time because I realized only when editing that I couldn't figure out how to get the image I had in mind.

Now I plan everything before going out and only AFTER having done that I go outside to take the pictures I need to compose my ideas and make them real.


Obviously, this image is inspired by Pre-Raphaelite paintings. But I don't wanted to get the usual color palette of the paintings from this period. Even if it's my favorite artistic period, I felt the need of editing this one in a color palette that was more "cold" and simple. By simple, I mean less rich of little details in bright colors such as flowers or fruits.

To achieve that I had to put together 6 pictures and to erase all the background that was here before and to replace it by another one I took, which is much more simple and clear. I just wanted to get a really "pure" image in which only the important parts will be visible. Which basically means; model, water, rocs. But if you look closely, there are a few little details, because at the end, I can't help myself to keep/add little things to look at. Keeping always little details hidden somewhere is related to the fact that as a kid, I used to read a lot of illustrated books and I loved staring at the images inside them and search for the thing that the illustrator had maybe hidden in them.


This week as been keeping me busy like no others since I went back to high school. I need to think about homework, like last year, but this year, there's also a HUGE personal work to be done and even if I'm passionate about it, it will take time to be done how I want it to be.

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