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Waiting for someone who will never come back | by Benjamin Benchan
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Waiting for someone who will never come back

"Without knowing it, she was a widow.

Every day on the porch, she was waiting.

Waiting for an husband who'd never come back."


- - -


I had a photoshoot yesterday. For the first time since almost a year, I had a new friend to model for me. She was very anxious about it though. She assisted my Halloween shooting last weekend and was really enthusiastic about it ! Then, a couple of days later, when I proposed her to pose for some new ideas I had, she immediately accepted but she told me that she was a bit afraid of doing something wrong. At the end, everything went well and she admitted that it wasn't hard as she thought it would be. I gave many instructions because it made her more confident into what she was doing.


The idea behind this one was that a woman was waiting for her husband to come back from somewhere. I thought about war and how it could be hard to wait someone we love, a parent to come back. I immediately decided to use cold tones and a windy atmosphere to add a more dramatic feeling into my picture. As the idea was so sad and dramatical, I wanted to add "life" into it with adding motion. I really wanted that when someone was looking at the picture, the person would "feel" the wind and the cold. I also wanted to illustrate the doubt and the prefeeling you could have when you're in this situation. I wanted more specifically to illustrate a moment in the waiting when you just lose hope before finding it again and keep faith. That's why she looks a bit lost between sadness and despair.


This picture is in my top five for the "hardest editing". Maybe it doesn't seem, but she really is part of that top five ! I'm so happy about it not only because it's exactly what I wanted to get but also because I learn many new things while editing it !


- - -


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Uploaded on November 13, 2011