• ligid is Cebuano for "to roll like a wheel" and also for wheel

    Tagalog term for wheel is gulong. Indonesian is ban or roda
  • Exposure: 0.003 sec (1/400)
    Aperture: f/5.6
    Focal Length: 18 mm
    ISO Speed: 100

    uncropped; but converted to sepia in picasa2


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Nostalgia is seeing kids rush along the roads playing wheels. Thrills that are free bring back memories of games of years past. Ah, those are times when play was play and more.

at the Bagacay lighthouse, Liloan, North Cebu, the Philippines

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  1. alight ages ago | reply

    farl, such true words: "when play was play" ... carefree days... playing with things made, not bought = the best!..
    this is a delighting image!...

    (i have missed you! so clicked on your name on your comment to someone.. and here are all these images that are not on my 'contacts' stream?!.. so odd!..)

  2. Lynn. ages ago | reply

    Yep, I loved to play in our street with friends until my mother called that it was dinnertime. I wonder how many kids can do this now or want to do this now, even if they have the chance?

    This is a beautiful photo.

  3. Ahmad Hegab ages ago | reply

    turn back the time
    thats wonderful man
    you make this boys smiling

  4. Eric Setiawan ages ago | reply

    This. is. a. very good. shot! I love the moment, I can feel the movement, the joy, the smile of those kids. Seeing kids like this can brighten our days :) And it comes in sepia color :) I love it even more.

  5. Farl ages ago | reply

    ahmed, eric, lynn- salamat. the wide angle of the Rebel's kit lens (18mm) really worked here in bringing back out the exhilirating feeling of children's freedom.

    alight- I hope you can get your problem fixed. that is strange to say the least.

  6. Andrea.Sardu ages ago | reply

    young, innocent and free, sometimes i wish i still was... very romantic shot.

  7. .Oss. ages ago | reply

    Great shot Farl, takes me back to my childhood too.

    Really captures the fun these boys are having and the B&W gives it a timeless feeling.

    It is a definitely a timeless shot..!

  8. jennM photography ages ago | reply

    i hope you still get to read this 61st comment! excellent capture. this reminds me of the movie 'city of god'.

  9. Farl ages ago | reply

    Andrea, Jim, Jenn- salamat. never a dull moment with friends like you around in flickr.

  10. mihay ages ago | reply

    i like this shot Farl :)

  11. moriza ages ago | reply

    Hey that was me loong time a go. I was shirtless and barefeet' though. Yeah, I was extreme kid ;)

  12. averages ages ago | reply

    This brought back some childhood memories for me too. Thanks, Farl.

  13. Farl ages ago | reply

    melanie, mo, gregory- salamat!

  14. [grep] ages ago | reply

    Great composition. Perfect timing.

  15. Ana Louro [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I don't know if I'm repeating someone else, cause I didn't read all comments, but "roda" is also portuguese for wheel (in Timor Lorosae they call "roda" too).

  16. Farl ages ago | reply

    Ray- salamat

    Ana- i didn't know that! thanks for the info.

  17. RoyTC [deleted] ages ago | reply

    I saw this photo in the recently published Epson Epix 06 Coffee Table Book. Congratulations, Farl!

  18. Farl ages ago | reply

    Roy- salamat! I actually have no idea which of my pics made the finals. still have to see the book!

  19. e!isa ages ago | reply

    really cool... children are always amazing.

  20. kashly 112 months ago | reply

    your works are definitely for 'unseen asia' in reader's digest!superb!

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