Fashion Frocks
Fashion Frocks was a company from Cincinnati, OH that employed housewives as salespeople to sell clothing to friends and neighbors "door-to-door" ... they would be armed with these wonderful sample sales cards for women to order from. It was a way of bypassing the retailers and selling directly to consumers, at better value-pricing. One of the company taglines is "It's fashion-wise to be thrifty." Another version is "Be Fashion-Wise ... Be Thrifty ... Wear Fashion Frocks." The cards are 9x12" and show illustrations of the garments along with fabric swatches, and give all sizing and pricing information (and some additional product info on back). The company started in the 1920's and was closed by the mid-1970's. I have over 100 of these sales sample cards that I have collected in the past 10 years ... will continue to scan and upload more over time!
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