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Lovely widow | by colinlogan
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Lovely widow

I spent about half an hour with this strangers and photographed her in several locations. Originally I saw her as we were both crossing the road. She stood out and I saw her check out my camera which was hanging at my side. But the middle of the street an ideal spot to ask, as she was walking away from the train station I assumed she was going home and went in search of other game. When none was to be found I headed back the way I'd came and found her sitting alone at a tram stop. She was visibly excited to be asked for her photo.


I asked her if she could stand up so I could get a better background. She got up and then took the initiative and began looking for a a good spot to stand. I directed her to a spot just beside the tram stop that worked nicely and fired off a frame. She seemed to think this was the end and we began talking. I found out that she was planning on heading to meet her rabbi. I checked the shot I'd taken and it wasn't solid so I asked her if I'd be able to take a few more. She asked if I had to be anywhere and when I said that I didn't she suggested we walk down the street.


We talked about many subjects as we walked. I found out that the flowers she was holding were from her garden, where she also grows some fruit trees. She told me that she she's working in fashion now, or at least working on the fabrics I think. Originally she'd studied economics, after graduating from a montessori school. I asked her if she thought Keynes had got it right and we discussed modern macro economics and the banking collapse - and subsequent bail out - in the US. By about this time we were approaching a church and wandered into the grounds. We took a few photos in the garden but the trees made for uninspiring backgrounds.


As we continued out of the church and into the park next door she told me about the Ashkenazic Jews from western Europe and the Sephardi Jews from spain. She also spoke of her late husband and how they used to go for walks, which she enjoyed but doesn't do as often any more. We talked about family for a while and I learned that she was an only child and had no children. Her view of families had always been of happy kids playing together and she said she'd been suprised when she learned that many families argue often. I was also told that children hard hard to cook for when one is entertaining, they're much too fussy eaters.


After some photos in the park we walked down the final stretch to the synagogue. Conversation made it's way to dancing and music. I told her I do some swing dancing and she was impressed. She's interested in Israeli dancing but hasn't worked up the courage to go yet. We compared classical music that we're fans of, and agreed that Bach was shit hot.


My final close up shot was taken right in front of the synagogue. I gave her a card and told her she'd be able to see the pictures online. That was almost a week ago, unfortunately I've been pretty busy and writing up this summary took ages.


+2 Alternative shots in comments.


This is the eighty sixth portrait of my attempt at the 100 strangers project.

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Taken on February 22, 2011