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    There's a cool little park on a corner block in Northbridge (Perth's nightlife suburb, over the train tracks from the CBD). They've got a huge screen and some interesting glowing blobs for people to sit on. So before I went out swing dancing I loitered around there a little with my eye to finding some strangers. Initially I asked a small asian girl who was sitting cross legged on a concrete block, thinking that it'd be cool to fit her all in a shot while she was sitting scrunched up. She wasn't into it though, saying "No thank you" like I was offering to sell her something. I've had that response from a few people and it throws me a bit each time.

    So this lad was sitting a couple of metres behind her and I noticed him while she was rejecting me. But I didn't go straight over, rather I walked past and down the street a little to see if there was anyone there. I spotted a group of youths harassing an old aboriginal guy. The old guy and the kids each threw up their hands a few times, ready to start some fisticuffs. I took a few photos from across the street, but nothing came of the confrontation. So I headed back to the park hoping this guy was still there.

    He was up for the photo straight away. We chatted a little while I took the shots but I paid close attention to his speech and tried not to capture derp faces mid-word. He told me that he was waiting for his girlfriend. They'd been introduced to each other about a month before at a party. He also told me that he'd 'gotten successful' about two weeks ago. I'm quite sure I don't know what he meant.

    After a few shots I headed off to find my friends who were down the street grabbing some dinner. On my way back through, about 15 minutes later, I spotted him still sitting there. I do hope he wasn't stood up.

    This is the forty ninth portrait of my attempt at the 100 strangers project.

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    1. Kelly Lautt 99 months ago | reply

      Nice rich colors in the portrait and a great smile from your subject. Bye the way, I swing dance too (Lindy Hopper).

    2. Andrea Jane Smith 99 months ago | reply

      Wow, another excellent portrait, I love the stories that go with them too

      a really great set you have here

      Im loving it!

    3. N A Y E E M 99 months ago | reply

      Superb portrait

    4. i_see_everyday 99 months ago | reply

      eye popping smile and commentary a humorous read (except for the kids' confrontation) - as far as rejections go - it's nothing personal ever and respectful of you not to include them - and to shoot so many others on that day who were interested - look forward to seeing them all!

    5. fanatical cook [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

      Well done,
      sensational smile and portrait!

    6. {Giuliana} 99 months ago | reply

      Great work, love the colors and smile!!

    7. Michael Akayan 98 months ago | reply

      Great capure and love the back story. Gotta get me a Sigma 1.4.

    8. KDeRoche 98 months ago | reply

      nice capture

    9. @BugCheese 98 months ago | reply

      fantastic shot, great light well done

    10. atom42 76 months ago | reply

      fantastic work.

    11. marcos9999 40 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the photo. Used on
      please share it if you like

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