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    Who wouldn't love a shiny penny? It looks like a fine engraving with its detail, glow and color. Yet, what is it worth? Most people carelessly discard their pennies as worthless - in fact, there's a group advocating for the retirement of the penny! I must say, I've been ignoring the penny as I didn't notice until now that the one side has an engraved log cabin (presumably, Lincoln's?) rather than the Lincoln Memorial.

    Even if the penny can't hold its own value in the economy, consider its impact on popular sayings:
    - A penny for your thoughts.
    - A penny saved is a penny earned.
    - It is worth every penny.
    - Penny wise is pound foolish.
    - A bad penny always comes back.
    Clearly, the penny's value extends far beyond the financial district, representing some importance to the American culture! Naples, FL

    1. rosipaw 76 months ago | reply

      Lovely picture of the coin and what an interesting picture of a log cabin!

      You raised very pertinent thoughts about the value of our pennies. Since the introduction of the euro, Finland (arrogantly I think!) decided not to use the 1- and 2-cent coins at all, while in other European countries they do exist. Maybe we should start looking after every penny again in the present financial circumstances!

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