Alakuneda Think Tank [GitS]
Parental advice:
You may feel harmed by used and abused techniques and violent modifications. If you don't like it, you better turn to another creation.

My ever since crawling out of the darkies wanted to do: The Alakuneda Spider Tank a.k.a. Think Tank from the first Ghost in the Shell movie. A little challenge with Mike gave me the drive I needed.

I fits a fig, has retractable front arms and is fully articulated.
I had a very close look to the movie version and actually it is huge in scale, so In tried to do this one in minifig scale.
Some proportions might look different than in the film, but they are quite close to the original source. The tank in the anime is not rendered - it is drawn, which means that the angles from which it is being shown in the movie are exaggerated. A thing I can't do with a real life render and a fixed focus.

The biggest issue is the colouring. I would have loved to do this in tan, but there are three very basic parts not available in tan, like the quarter circle elements of the back section, or the 1x4 curved slopes. Maybe if I find a fitting paint or / the parts needed will be available in tan, I'll definitely do a tan version.
But I think grey is also fine, as it fits an urban military vehicle and the tan colouring in the film might just come from the moody lighting anyway, originally it even might had been grey.

-------------- UPDATE | 2017-02 --------------

More views alongside a new version.

Due to the interest building instructions & parts list are now available too.

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