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    As requested by Ken, here an unedited image of the brick. there are hinges and so inside which hold the segments together.
    My cam still doesn't like to photograph red >:[

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    1. .Tromas 35 months ago | reply

      This is just glorious! This would look beautiful sitting in your home as art!

    2. floodllama 35 months ago | reply

      This is really, really cool. Had to blog it.

    3. Nannan Z. 35 months ago | reply

      I was just about to blog it too, but how did you do it since image downloading has been disabled?

    4. _zenn 35 months ago | reply

      different light setting on your cam? Anyway interesting build.
      source code!? I use it all the time.

    5. Cole Blaq 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks a lot for your positive feedback :-)

      Actually it's a brickbot, it moves somehow like an eight-bit caterpillar ;-) Cheers.

      My cam doesn't have that many options and none has been good with red. I did some tweaking with the colour channels and so, but I couldn't get the colours right so it ended up in the edited Meltdown graphic.

      Thank you two for your attention , unexpected and very happy about some initial attention to this new series I am working on.
      Josh, thank you very much for your humorous and somehow pinponted comment / description of this build. I see you got it :-)

    6. daxolesa 35 months ago | reply

      It better just be a Megablock!

    7. Derek Almen 35 months ago | reply

      Red or orange, great work. :)

    8. lsgc 35 months ago | reply

      Red? Crikey! Looks great (especially, as is so often the case, in the thumbnail)

    9. thebigtubadaddy 35 months ago | reply

      Needs simulated teeth marks :)

    10. Cole Blaq 35 months ago | reply

      That is inspiring :-)

    11. buriedbybricks 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks Cole, it's even better than I expected knowing it's all conected. If this is anything like previous series, you're just getting started. No pressure ;)

    12. Apocalust 35 months ago | reply

      Kind of sexy, this.

    13. βig Rubber Mallet 35 months ago | reply

      From the thumbnail I was wondering; why did Justin fave a pic of a broken brick?

    14. />ylan/>. 35 months ago | reply

      These 2x4 brick inspired sculptures are nice! This one is my favorite!

    15. Grimthehappycow 35 months ago | reply

      You are the man who broke the brick!

    16. Nathan Wainwright 35 months ago | reply

      Any way you can post the directions how to make this thing?

    17. Cole Blaq 34 months ago | reply

      Maybe one day, just not now.

    18. ZachTheKing 32 months ago | reply

      Sweet jesus, I thought this was real at first.

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