• This weird angle difference is the only thing I don't like. - Jayfourke
  • I love this bit. - porschecm2
  • I agree. It makes it looks kinda hunchbacked. - porschecm2
  • Doesn't bother me, but it does make me wonder how you managed to build something this big and complicated with a weird angle in the middle of it. - -Mainman-
  • All of the above. Looks amazing though, just wish it wasn't bent. - Moctagon Jones
  • oh yes! - Shadow Viking
  • For me it's something about these windows that doesn't seem quite right to me. They just don't seem right for a car is all but overall it's a small nitpick with how awesome this is. - tadashistate
  • I like the angle. - Jakal Trainer
  • Love this too, contrasting it in black may give it a more realistic appearance though. - Dave Shaddix
  • That was the best solution I could come up with at this scale.
  • Hunchback was my intention. It turned out slightly more angled than while building. This angle gave me the hardest time. If built straight I guess that the building time would be half. This angle is intended to get a curve in the whole rover. Thogh I am not sure about the outcome and especially the gap I kinda like it nevertheless.
  • Justin, how do you mean that? is it a compliment having this angle at this scale or you thing regarding the big size this angle isn't necessary (at least not in the way it is achieved here)?
    Thanks for your feedback.
  • Good suggestion.
  • I meant it as a compliment. Odd angles can be tricky when they're at a structurally significant area in the build. This puppy looks big enough that there must be something more than the hinges reinforcing the angle. I can imagine a couple ways it can be done, but just adds to the structural complexity. - -Mainman-
  • Am I the only one to notice this? Nice detail! :) - Vengeance of Lego

RR concept

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This one's for Tyler.

Based loosely off the Range Rover design, my all-time favourite off-road manufacturer.

Maybe I'll rework the frame and wheel attachment and add some more details like an engine, interieur and... The space is there, just now I am happy to finally have finished the chassis.

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  1. deymus 55 months ago | reply

    so great work, ready for post apocalipsis MOD

  2. Legohaulic 55 months ago | reply

    I am smitten by it's awesomeness! Vehicles are essentially boxes, but you manage to add so many dynamic angles to them while still keeping the 'box' element intact. Thank you Cole :)

  3. wunztwice 55 months ago | reply

    These days words like incredible and spectacular are thrown around too much and often times start to become meaningless. So I hope you will give the full weight to the meaning of the word when I say that this is really stupendous work!!!

    Vehicle companies should hire LEGO enthusiasts to help design their next range. As Tyler said the dynamic lines on this are really, very nice. And at the same time retaining that balance between beefiness/practicality and style.

  4. juecifer 55 months ago | reply

    loving the angle it has
    if it were straight, it wouldn't be as interesting

  5. pasukaru76 55 months ago | reply

    win overload

  6. _lichtblau_ 55 months ago | reply

    Love the rugged concept!
    Very reminiscent of the light armored vehicles used by some armed forces nowadays.

  7. Ewok in Disguise 55 months ago | reply

    I absolutely love this. The taper at the back gives a kind of forced perspective look. That, combined with the orange, really makes this "pop".

  8. Lino M 55 months ago | reply

    This is just brilliant...and to think you're not so happy with it. Wow!

  9. Ochre Jelly 55 months ago | reply

    Cole, someone needs to shove you in a box and ship you to Billund so that TLC can start producing sets of this level of awesomeness. Not often a vehicle MOC makes me salivate. And yeah, wouldn't this be great in dark orange! :D

  10. arcanemettles 55 months ago | reply

    Really impressive. So many cool details...

  11. Barman76 55 months ago | reply

    Wow. Love the angle in the chassis and the color is different . You don't see that type of color that often in a car or truck. Nice one. It is nothing like a standard truck design. Absolutely great to see. Two thumbs up :)

  12. Brickdon 55 months ago | reply

    This r boss!

  13. LegOscar 54 months ago | reply

    Total coolness!

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