• that's a cool bit - Nannan Z.
  • NPU - Louis K.
  • you're one of the only builders who can mix old and new greys and have me like it. somehow it just works when you do it. - \/\/\/\/\/\
  • 2nd - Nemo KB
  • Lovely. - Nemo KB
  • The orange and grey patterns on the wings are mind blowing! - Pierre E Fieschi
  • I liked it more without this gun ;) but i guess it balances out the design - Pierre E Fieschi
  • It looks like a dolphin head! - ExoBrick
  • Seriously? wow! - Pierre E Fieschi
  • oh lol :s - Pierre E Fieschi
  • Not really 'NPU'... it's a windscreen after all. But the print makes for a lovely detail. :) - NIRDIAN
  • I like this. - Ɍaillery
  • Starboard side? - Dave Shaddix
  • very nice technique - Unsier
  • Thank you for ruining this beautiful moc for me! all i can see is the dolphin head now... - ZEO CMF
  • this is great! - Squinty Eyes
  • In this case I think it has got something to do with the photo. Somehow, the contrast between the shades seem higher here, which IMO makes it look better. - Naszfluckah
  • This should be in non trans orange. - BlackHeaDSg1
  • You got me there!
    I had to look it up and next time I have to be more careful - of course the lights are side wrong to speak of correct nautic terms;-) Ta mate.
  • Aw, you make me reconsider this part and eventually I'll rebuild it one day...
  • Pierre, see my remarks towards this gun at the direct comparison photo.
  • :D - Ewok in Disguise
  • I like the trans. - Imagine™


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Meet Seraph Daoon, a highly skilled bounty hunter. Like most Kel'Dorians he posseses strong powers of the force. Even without any force training he developed some serious skills with the light and the dark side, which makes him the number one hunter for force-related collections.
Equipped with an injection blaster, based on bacteriological weaponry and a Yuuzhan Vong force shielded armour, traded at one of the planets on the verge of the Outer Rims, he is one of the top hunters of the galaxy. The 'Stardust' - his abandoned prototype long distance starfighter from Blaqsmi Shipyards, has been a plague for many wanted beings.

Ahhh - the cam stand really pays off :-)))

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  1. [Carter] 56 months ago | reply

    Holy balls. Seriously, this is just way too cool. You've outdone yourself.

  2. Tagl 56 months ago | reply

    Somehow I missed the show. Although I'm late I'd like to add a simple WOW.
    Everything else has been said already.

  3. Happy Weasel 56 months ago | reply

    I really dig this, especially the mix of old and dark gray, great color usage. The shape is very reminiscent of the Terran Wraith from StarCraft, and it looks good.

  4. Firas Abu-Jaber 56 months ago | reply

    You've gone mad again with this one! This is insanely done, as usual from you.

  5. Wizz Bang! 56 months ago | reply

    Wow + Hot (lets face it, its all been said above)
    Great work

  6. aliensfan 56 months ago | reply

    looking at that gives me a boner

  7. The Man Previously Known as Fool 56 months ago | reply

    I can't believe I missed this! It's amazing.

  8. MitzD 56 months ago | reply

    speechless - great shape, love the engines and the colour scheme and the guns, and the Bounty Hunter...it feels like it's from the SW universe...amazing build, good luck.

  9. ka.lego 56 months ago | reply

    This is definitely one of my favorites in the contest. The colors and details are pristine. My favorite part to build for my entry was the engines, so I'm especially inspired by what you did with yours. The use of those tank treads is very cool.

  10. Creation Crook 55 months ago | reply


  11. xicufwm 55 months ago | reply

    this is awesome! got my vote for the MOC Madness contest. Just a question, how does she land? like a V-19?

  12. kevinmboots77 55 months ago | reply

    I would buy this if it was a kit. Just awesome!

  13. Cole Blaq 55 months ago | reply

    My humble thanks for your attention and support for this creation - especially for the contest.
    I feel - WOW - overwhelmed. This made my day! It started cold, rainy and unpleasant and as I came back home and got the news I felt and feel overly happy. Many, many thanks to all of you.
    And special thanks to Ace and Don at FBTB for setting up such a magnificent and professional contest.

    that was my first intention, but the gear I started with was too weak, alongside that I needed a cargo bay area, so the landing is up-side-down ;-) (Or at a landing platform)

  14. pasukaru76 55 months ago | reply

    Congrats on winning, Cole! Well deserved.

  15. 09W 55 months ago | reply


  16. Alpha Brick 54 months ago | reply

    Just awesome !!!!! :D

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