• I had to add more payloads.
  • I love, love, love the look of this area here. So industrial looking and tough. just outstanding work. - Tenacious EJ
  • Thanks man.
  • This makes me think of a grasshopper - retracile
  • MORE? - Brick Farmer
  • indeed, there are only some grenade launchers on the underside...with these wings it seemed to need more ;-)

Soylent Scream (wing remix)_s01

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Yesterday I changed the wings several times and finally came up with this version.
I think I like them more than the other wings in accordance to this model. I also like the staggered wings - but not on this model, doesn't really match the rest.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the wings constructively negative and positive.

Before it reminded me of a whale or some sort of fish, now it looks more birdy...

My entry for the Show us what you got contest at the starfighters group.

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  1. whateverly 73 months ago | reply

    This is damn fine for both form and colour mix. Bravo!

  2. Cole Blaq 73 months ago | reply

    Rtyper...thank you very much. As I said in the description, I also like tho 'old' wings but in accordance to the overall design the new ones fit better. I may try another spaceship in an overall staggerd design where the old wings can be applied...


    squiddister...Thank you.

  3. Cole Blaq 73 months ago | reply

    Dunechaser..Thanks for blogging, I feel honored :-)

  4. heavyart 73 months ago | reply

    "Soylent scream, is people!!!"

  5. Quarryman_ 73 months ago | reply

    Absolutely stunning, amazing colour scheme.

  6. Fleebnork 73 months ago | reply

    Looks mean.

  7. nolnet 73 months ago | reply

    The longer I look at this, the better it gets. Awesome!

  8. -Ecto- 73 months ago | reply


  9. Cole Blaq 73 months ago | reply

    heavyart...and this ship is made with the biomass of humans, it's a bunchamuncha! (See Futurama for further information)

    Jens Adne...thank you very much.

    Grand Admiral...I thought this is the perfect expression for a ship in a starfighter contest;-) No, just kidding. My initial idea looked far more harmless, but then while I was progressing it just happened...
    Thanks mate.

    nolnet...take your time, but don't wonder if it comes out of your screen. Thanks for passing by and appreciating this work.

    -Ecto-...Thank you very much.

  10. lego addict 73 months ago | reply

    How did I miss this before? This looks much better. I am loving the wings now.

  11. Cole Blaq 73 months ago | reply

    the lego dude...Thanks for your appreciation.

  12. Cole Blaq 73 months ago | reply

    huckgee...thanks mate, Your appreciation as a non-lego builder (or should I say non poster!?), but toy producer is like music in my ears:-)

  13. huckgee 73 months ago | reply

    I read The Brother's Brick daily. :) Every time I consider cracking open my Lego boxes I see an awesome design like this and change my mind. Ha! ;)

  14. nnenn 73 months ago | reply

    Brilliant effort.

  15. peterlmorris 73 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I knew as soon as I saw this one that it would be in the top 5, easy. A fantastic MOC.

  16. Karf Oohlu 73 months ago | reply

    The droopy swoopy feel to it + greeble and texture, loved it.

  17. Colourbrand 69 months ago | reply

    That is one creepy piece of kit!

    Love the effort on the Lego matey!

    Its brilliant!

  18. pilho 60 months ago | reply

    Agreed with whateverly. What a build.

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