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30 to go - "One should never stop having that inner child in them." | by Violet Paradise (mostly off)
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30 to go - "One should never stop having that inner child in them."

Thirty days from today, the 8th of April, I will turn twenty. And for some reason, I'm not feeling so happy about it, or let's just say I feel weird about it. I know that being young is not about one's age only, but I'm still feeling really weird about turning twenty, as I won't be a teenager anymore .. It feels like a lifetime is coming to an end, a chapter is being closed, and as my teenage years have been really eventful, I'm feeling really weird and sad about letting go of them. Of course, I want to have all the rights one lawfully has, when turning 21, but I just wish I could have them with 19. I love the teenage world, I'm really attached to it ..This might sound so stupid, but it's just typical me to feel sad about such a thing xP


So, to put it in a nutshell: I've decided to take a picture everyday, in those last thirty days as a teenager, sending over that feeling of "being young". They're supposed to be colorful, and full of sunshine and stuff, and they're all supposed to convey a certain lesson I've learned in my life as a teenager so far, or I'll just write about anything I feel like writing about :) I don't know why I feel like it's really important to do that, so I'll just try my best, and I'm excited. It will make me look forward to turning twenty! :)


So the first lesson, which I'm desperately trying to always convince myself of is that growing older does not stop you from staying young. I see all the grown ups here all dead inside from the constant routine they're living in, not excited about waking up everyday and doing something other than taking care of their house and staying home. I just feel like telling them they're wasting precious time, they should be out exploring, they should be excited to do something new as often as they can! And so .. I really hope to be able to stay young inside, as I grow older. I don't ever want to stop being excited about all the things life has to offer. I want to be fascinated by all kinds of stuff and have an adventurous soul, just like a child does, always. :)


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Taken on April 8, 2012