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Krýsuvík - its main hotspring area

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The Krýsuvík area, which even encompasses the big lake Kleifarvatn (cf. accompanying set), is less than a 30 min. drive south of Reykjavik, at the foot of the Reykjanes peninsula (see map).

Right through this area goes a volcanically active fissure, the Mid-Atlantic rift ( ), which crosses right through Iceland, from West to North-East. It is the root to all its geological unrest; be it earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or hotsprings.


For the last few years, there has been an increasing geological unrest in Iceland - who does not remember *Eyjafjallajökull* which stopped virtally all flight in Europe for over a week? - which among other things means that small earthquakes are getting increasingly common, and can quite easily be felt in the whole of the Reykjanes and Reykjavík area. A volcanic eruption in this area - in fact, in that context it has been talked about exacty this place +- some 100 meters - cannot be excluded, although it is said be rather unlikely. Anyway, it is a little disconcerting. Although foreigners may believe oterhwise, people in this region are used to feeling safe from any geological activity, and probably there is reason to continue to feel so, but "y.n.n."...


The Krýsvík area is not much frequented by tourists, but those who find their way here can hardly be disappointed (except for the weather, maybe). The whole area is spectacular to see and experience. I warmly recommend it in spite of everything, and I go here as often as I can.

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Taken on May 24, 2008