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He'd Wave the Knife Like a Baton | by cogdogblog
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He'd Wave the Knife Like a Baton


2011/02/09: Make a photograph that features a leading line through it today. Draw the viewers eye through the image. #ds451


Reaching for the highway map for the upmteenth time, Condrad muttered again, "What kind of a joke name of a town is 'Burns, Arizona'?"


Is it a description of summer activities? Perhaps named for the hero of Abbey's "Last Cowboy"?


It took not too many blinks to see it all- run down hotel, three, count 'em, three, country town vars, a cafe, a run down gas station.


But Burns was the detination; Conrad stopped in the reality office, and once flashing some cash to show his seriosuness, Rose found him a rental house that day.


Knowing that the path to fading in to the scene was a slow dissolve, Conrad laid low for weeks, shopping locally, eating/drinking at all of the establishements, showing up for the town water meeting, chatting in a genuine way with everyone form the woman who ran the post office like a marine barracks, to the toothless long haired bum who just rode his bike around town looking for junk to pocket.


Lori was an easy find, she held court most nights at the Lodge or the Brown Bear, always with a crowd around her. He made his intro during a poker night, when she flubbed her attmept to run the 4 Card Smoke Singal shtick, and Conrad saved her form being called out by 2 angry woodcutters.


The agreed to have lunch the next day at Casey's Cafe, and Conrad was pretty clear about letting Lori know he saw her stripes (and she in turn called his out).


There was a spark about her, and the way she slyly rn this town and all the others iwhtin 100 miles was impressive as no one nailed her for her con gamrs.


And damn, she had a smile and laugh that woudl melt a glaicier or two.


She put that on proud display as Conrad told the story of his big Wire scam in New York, and the stock brokers her took in. He was putting all the trinkets on the story, and was waving the butter knife around like he was a conductor as he diagramed how the whole Bug Deal went down, and how he skated with a Big Duece.


The agreed to meet again for breakfast and talk of ways they might work together.


Like the crumbs left on the plate, Conrad plotted how this would run out. He hated getting softer in odl age, and feeling something for this gal, but she had something coming.


But Conrad had done enough bloody scenes and sending dopes to the ER, he was eager to run this venge game as one to be played on the psychological level. He would get inside her cortex and paint it black and she would not even know it.


Until he was ready.



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Taken on February 9, 2011