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A rather animated statue- Philosophers Rock at Barton Springs Park Austin



i was tagged for this by @winsordi, blame her! The idea is to use your own photo to answer the questions below, write your own responses, and then use the "add a person" feature in flickr to tag other people to try it and respond (yeah its a game, and silly, and annoying.).


Here you go, don't blame me, I am passing on the virus.


1) What's the last movie you watched?

Ah, the question needs specificity- in a theater? I hardly go, since in Strawberry I live far from one, and the sequel repetition reflex of Hollywood is tiresome/ I am thinking it was end of 2010 when I went to see "True Grit", and ironically I just saw it again on DVD at a friend's house in Idaho.


I still cannot determine if it is really good, or just that I enjoyed the performances. I found myself laughing out loud at Jeff Bridge's Rooster Cogburn. I recall liking the John Wayne version as a kid, which if I read critics right, was shallow and too well lit. Oh well.


2) What's your favorite noise?

It has to be the sound fo fresh coffee in the morning. I am an addict and I do not want to give up the Habit.



3) Do you like some kind of light on when you go to bed, or just darkness?

I have no preference; I sleep in full dark, and many times, I wake up at 3am and find all the lights on. I'd say I would opt for complete darkness.


4) What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

I must eat dull, I am not really coming up with much. Oh, yes, when I visited my friend Bert in Japan, he insisted we go to this road side stand that served "Octopus Balls" - not exactly what you think, it was octopus meat *shaped* into balls (and the week before in Hong Kong I had some "fish balls" from someone making them on the side fo a hiking trail)


5) What's something you really want right now but don't need?

Any really expensive photo equipment- a new body or a tripod. No way I can justify it with no income for the rest of the year.



6) What's your hair look like right now?

I got my Old Guy Ponytail tied, and it hangs about 5 inches down.


7) Have you seen Waldo?

Sure, had a beer with him in Dubois, Wyoming. Drunken slop stiffed me with the bill.



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Taken on January 22, 2011