2009/365/48: Facebook FAIL

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    Even before the rounds of flack today. about Facebook's Terms of Services, I've contended that Facebook is Stingybook with media -- it will suck in your media (flickr, YouTube) etc, do with it what it wants, and then it does not allow any media held within to be so freely accessed from outside apps.

    And even more problematic, it creates its own set of usage rights based not on sensible systems like Creative Commons, but Facebook groups, friends, etc.

    So here is my acid test. This is my photo on flickr, licensed as Non Commercial-Share Alike-By Attribution. If Facebook shares, makes copies of my photo, without the same license, isn't it not complying?

    In addition, tonight, I deleted some 30 photos I had uploaded to StingyFacebook. They can re-purpose and own my crappy status messages, but they cannot have my media.

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    1. Nathan Rein 74 months ago | reply

      Too late! According to the TOS, by posting anything (including by means of a link -- no upload required) you have granted a non-revocable, perpetual license!

    2. cogdogblog 74 months ago | reply

      That's okay, they can do with this whatever the f*** they want to. It's the only piece of media they will every get from me.

      FB does not give a crap about your intellectual property, as much as they may espouse so, they exist to expand their reach and make money. I'm fine to share my statuses, like "Alan is thinking Facebook is pile of stinky dog dung". And please, send me some stupid fracking invite, cause I am building a collection of un-responded crap

    3. Nathan Rein 74 months ago | reply

      What I meant to say was -- and I find this totally outrageous -- is that deleting your images does not terminate Facebook's license to use your content. At least, so they claim in the TOS, unless I am misreading it.

    4. Stephen Downes 74 months ago | reply

      There's a new blog (by Pet Holdings, the creator of lolcats) called 'Fail'. So they got their writers and affiliates (including the paid-blogging crowd) to start using it as a noun. 'This fail'. 'That fail'. Just in the style of posts on Fail blog. Now people not associated with the blog are saying things like 'Facebook fail' and the like. It's a masterful bit of marketing.

      Here's their TOS, in part: "by submitting User Submissions to Pet Holdings, you hereby grant Pet Holdings a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the User Submissions, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Websites." In other words, the Facebook TOS.

      The lesson is, Facebook may be clumsy and stupid, but it's not the only player out there manipulating our space and even our words for their own gain. You have to watch for the clever as well as the stupid - and honestly, I don't trust the lot of them.

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