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2009/365/48: Facebook FAIL

Even before the rounds of flack today. about Facebook's Terms of Services, I've contended that Facebook is Stingybook with media -- it will suck in your media (flickr, YouTube) etc, do with it what it wants, and then it does not allow any media held within to be so freely accessed from outside apps.


And even more problematic, it creates its own set of usage rights based not on sensible systems like Creative Commons, but Facebook groups, friends, etc.


So here is my acid test. This is my photo on flickr, licensed as Non Commercial-Share Alike-By Attribution. If Facebook shares, makes copies of my photo, without the same license, isn't it not complying?


In addition, tonight, I deleted some 30 photos I had uploaded to StingyFacebook. They can re-purpose and own my crappy status messages, but they cannot have my media.

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Uploaded on February 17, 2009