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2009/365/7 Got Snark?

Today Amazon delivered my copy of Snark -- "It's Mean, It's Personal, and It's Ruining Our Conversation"


Oh dear. I thought this book would be celebrating my beloved state of mind, but nooo....


"IIn this sharp and witty polemic, New Yorker critic and bestselling author David Denby takes on the snarkers, naming the nine principles of snark -- the standard techniques its practitioners use to poison their arrows. Snarkers like to think they are deploying wit, but mostly they are exposing the seethe and snarl of an unhappy country, releasing bad feeling but little laughter.... Denby has fun snarking the snarkers, expelling the bums and promoting the true wits, but he is also making a serious point: the Internet has put snark on steroids. In politics, snark means the lowest, most insinuating and insulting side can win. For the young, a savage piece of gossip could ruin a reputation and possibly a future career. And for all of us, snark just sucks the humor out of life. Denby defends the right of any of us to be cruel, but shows us how the real pros pull it off. Snark, he says, is for the amateurs.


I might have to pull out my snark about Snark.

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Taken on January 6, 2009