• Use syndication tools and blog tools to publish photos to other web sites (more....)
  • Create annotated (and hyperlinked) notes like these ones (more....)
  • Create creative written activities based on photos, or "tell" a story in just photos (more....)
  • There are all kinds of tools that can go beyond the flickr interface, or access flickr content to perform new tricks (more...)
  • Post photos directly from a mobile phone (more....)
  • Easily find great images you can use elsewhere, licensed with creative commmons, so you don't even have to ask permission (more...)
  • Use Group tools to have a place for bulletin board type discussions, and to share photos in a common place (more....)
  • Create your own logo based on flickr images! (more....)
  • Associate images with geographic locations via "geotagging" (more...)
  • Create presentations and slide shows to share (more...)
  • One of the most powerful features of flickr is the organization of photos by tags. The ends of exploration are never in sight (more....)
  • Use retrievr to find images by matching in real time tto drawings (more....)
  • Make funny/useless comments to your friends! - Jonas!!
  • Don't forget the wide open spaces in which to spread your creative wings. - J. Chris Vaughan
  • Add as many notes as possible - btjones
  • www.flickrleech.net/ (because paging sucks) - douglas-fp
  • My note? - Phoenixheart
  • Add your note here. - argoed-hs
  • hi - m4r13k3
  • just click "add note" at the top of the pic. i see. thanks!! - seana*
  • adding note - jlkilmer
  • Any analogue uses of Flickr? (As in real life, not digital?) - Ewan McIntosh
  • but the are some pic ypu cant add not why? - Delet :*
  • Well Why not? Everyone else did - One Thing AT
  • desk - jhanfakaga
  • Use for training purposes. - sutupper
  • joij - bforester801
  • map - ppinkblossomm

What Can We Do With Flickr?

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This cluttered desk represents just a small set of powerful ways you can use flickr. This image has been annotated with "notes", so as you move a mouse over hotspot areas, pop-up messages will appear, some of them with links that can take you elsewhere.

Explore these links to learn some ways you can leverage the power of flickr.

See also:

* Getting to Know flickr (Basic) screencast by Jeff Utecht for the K12 Online Conference
* How to Flickr Intro by Ben Bishop
* Tips for Flickr Beginners (Lifehacker)
* Flickr Tutorial Series (Indezine)
* Flickr Advanced User Guide (Lifehacker)
* Flickr technique (flickr discussion group)

To learn more setting up an account in flickr, see David Warlick's handout published for this conference.

And in the spirit of participation, please use the comments form below to make other suggestions, ideas, or to toss criticism.
This is but one piece of "I Didn't Know You Could Do That with Free Web Tools", a presentation for the 2006 K-12 Online Conference. Other pieces are scattered across the web!

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  1. mrwilliams ages ago | reply

    After seeing this I have been trying to find something that easily ties in to use this feature of flickr with my students.

    We're working on labeling angle drawings right now with the notes. It has been working great. Great job done by all of the ability levels in my classroom. I haven't gotten to the point of allowing them to make flickr accounts at school (yet), and I haven't received an email from IT (yet) about my account being logged in to 16 computers ;)
    Our Angle Drawings

  2. cogdogblog ages ago | reply

    Hey Mr Williams-- that is really neat! I see the kids did the drawings (nice variety)... did they also identify the angles?

  3. mrwilliams ages ago | reply

    Yes (but we're still working on it). They were suppose to put a note on each angle with the degrees and labeling the angles (acute, right, obtuse, straight). If we were doing this longer I'd invite you to come in to my classroom (about 51st ave & northern), but we'll be wrapping this up soon (and I know your pretty busy ;) ).

  4. cambodia4kidsorg ages ago | reply

    LIke is this your most viewed photo?
    You must go visit doggysnaps.com

  5. cogdogblog ages ago | reply

    I did, I did, I DID (see a puddycat? no) -


    Now if only they could integrate photos there from my flickr account....

  6. cambodia4kidsorg 120 months ago | reply

    I'm doing a webinar presentation next week - an intro to web 2.0 - the steps people can take to start. I'm showing this as a stellar example of how to use flickr creatively.

  7. cambodia4kidsorg 120 months ago | reply

    Okay, I just cut it down
    In the end, will have a half decent reference a leave behind.

    Have any blogging advice for new bloggers? Leave a comment in the above post -- trying to illustrate learning via comments.

  8. kev_hickey_uk 112 months ago | reply

    Jist wondering if this photo can be embeded into a blog without loosing the hotspots?

  9. cogdogblog 112 months ago | reply

    I thought the answer was "no" (it was when I created this) but just found a solution!

    See cogdogblog.com/2007/11/30/flickr-notes-embed/

  10. elrentaplats 112 months ago | reply

    Great tricks' collection!! thanks a lot!

    http://cogdogblog.com/2007/11/30/flickr-notes-embed/ (?)

  11. im2much22 99 months ago | reply

    what do u exactley do o flickr aniwaisz??

  12. cogdogblog 99 months ago | reply

    I answer well-phrased intelligent questions. Got one handy?

  13. DavidDMuir 99 months ago | reply

    And I respond by laughing out loud (in public... but I think I got away with it) at clever and funny responses to questions, :-)

  14. Tania Bortolotti 87 months ago | reply

    it's unbelievable the amount of things we can do with so little!!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!

  15. yya2 86 months ago | reply

    Great info specially for people that are new to Flickr. Thanks for sharing!

  16. ujarai 77 months ago | reply

    Nice way to share photo.

  17. FoxAirsoft 74 months ago | reply

    This is an incredibly useful post! AWESOME!

  18. D .Wood photos 46 months ago | reply

    some of my photos of trains

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