I Am Breaking the Law

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    It was new to me that in Perth, it was against the law to put your arm outside the window of a moving vehicle (??). It's a natural relaxed position in Arizona. I laugh.

    But my Aussie hosts are serious. In my mind, if you do something stupid like put your arm out and let it get whacked by a tree, a mailbox, you deserve the results. Free will.

    Here, according to Sue, if people harm themselves, they cost society in health care, so there are laws meant to prevent self damage.

    I still am incredulous. Then we all witness a motorcycle cop yell angrily to a neighboring car where a passenger has an arm dangling. The cop is pointing, gesturing, and the arm slowly withdraws in side.

    I fought the law and....

    1. nessman 90 months ago | reply

      It's true, I remember being 5 on my first visit to Australia, and my uncle gave me a bollocking for sticking my arm out the window. What a contrast to Canada, where we regularly dangle our children out the window just for fun.

    2. dawn m. armfield 90 months ago | reply

      Ohhh...so no feeling the wind push your hand to and fro? I *love* doing that.

    3. cogdogblog 90 months ago | reply

      Nessman- over the Aussies believe we Americans dangle our guns out the window! They are convinced we are all packin heat all the time. Another score for US television.

      Dawn- I am with you. Aussies do not know the simple pleasure of this Zen meditation.

    4. mobology 90 months ago | reply

      I was fined three times in the same week in Canberra in 1996 for doing the same with a car filled with drunken teenagers careeening around Canberra, Australia.

      We were driving around in a modified Chevy 2 door-slammer with a blown 454 chevy with twins, full cut gears and a 4 grand stall converter.

      I think it was the car that attracted attention or perhaps it was that fact that it was being commandered by 5 skinheads.

      Good thing is though.....skinheads can grow their hair back.

      The attitude never leaves their spirit though.

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