• 1gin, 1 scocth and 1 beer! - alohalady
  • You betcha! George used to rock the house at the Deer Park tavern in Newark, DE!
  • Quadrophenia
  • Who's Next and Who Are You
  • Cause I hate to have blanks on the end of an album, I was always filling in the tapes
  • Hmm, maybe Rought Mix with Ronnie Lane and ???
  • Egads, this is embarrasing. I never listened to it
  • Led Zep 3 and 4. Ugh, I never wanted to listen to "Stairway to heaven" after 1000s of times on the radio, as Muzak in elevators...
  • Sticky Fingers and ???
  • Who By Numbers and ?? The hand decorated boxes were the high school vintage tapes
  • A metal oxide tape (heavy)-- cannot remember what was on the sucker
  • The Kinks- Lola was so old and tired, and I w asmuch older when I grew to appreciate their lesser known stuff. Ray Davies is pure genius
  • Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon...

Retired The Media

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I am cleaning out my home office, and in the bin today went the music of my high school and college years-- my carefully honed collection of cassette music (which has not seen light of day for the last 4 years or more).

They say that media does not last forever, and the lifetime of a recorded audio cassette might be what 8, 10 year?

That one in the left column, 4th from the top, was recorded by by high school friend Larry in 1979! That combo of Who's Next and LIve at Leeds lasted 26 years,

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  1. draggin 94 months ago | reply


    I recently went through this myself.

    Would you consider adding this pic to our pool?

    You can use notes to easily share which tapes mean what to you, stories, etc. cheers.

  2. draggin 94 months ago | reply

    hey alan,

    thanks for the join.

    I was in such a rush when i was going through my list of recent invites this morning, i didnt even realize i was sending this to a contact! (and a pro at that). its a good thing i mention how the 'notes' feature works eh? ;)

    take care,
    great lookin pool btw!

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