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Spent a summery day in the garden with this lovely person.


His sunglasses are so awesome when you look through them everything looks like an old photo!


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Four favorite songs & their meanings to me.


Twist and shout by The Beatles

This song has brought me through such tough times and cheered me up every single time I heard it. It's such and old, goodhearted song. It's pure and it doesn't have any secret meaning, it just exists to make you feel good and dance.


Tonight, tonight by Hot Chelle Raye

This song reminds me of the past summer. It brings back all these pictures in my mind. When I'm down, I just have to put it on and I start screaming along off-tune, it makes me feel so happy and nostalgic.


Nobody told me by John Lennon

Gush, the lyrics of this song are SO good. And I just love John Lennon okay. sjdhvbdksjhv


Therapy by All Time Low

To be honest, my friend is like their biggest fan ever (see for yourself) but I never paid much attention to the band, until I heard that song. It made me cry so hard and feel so sad, but a good kind of sad. The kind of I'm-finally-able-to-be-honest-sad.


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Taken on June 23, 2012