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Middle of the pour

I'm once again on a tear to do the "perfect double", which means a minimum of 50mls (aim for 60mls though) from no more than 17g of coffee.




Grinder: Anfim Super Caimano, Timer Mod

Machine: Frankenstein'ed La Marzocco Linea

Dose: 17g

Tamp method: Modified Staub

Tamper: CoffeeGeek prototype tamper

Filter basket: Synesso 14g

Temperature: 202.0F / 200.2F offset

Coffee: Paradise Roasters' Espresso Blend

Cups: Terra Keramik black and white

Shot time: 28 seconds estimate

Taste: just fantastic. Dominate hazelnut-chocolate honey middle, medium body, great straight up, or with a macchiato dose of milk. A bit underpowered for a huge latte.

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Uploaded on June 8, 2007