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Weathered Coca Cola bottle from 1999

Until recently, glass bottles of Coke were a rarity after nearly 20 years as now most major grocery chains in town now sell glass Cokes again (thankfully). Back in 1999 Winnipeg hosted the Pan American Games, and Coca Cola was one of the main sponsors. To commemorate the games, Coke released a Pan Am Games glass bottle Coke, sadly it was only 237mL so it was hard to enjoy for more than a few moments. The next time I would ever see glass bottle Cokes again were in 2004 for the summer Olympic Games.


This bottle's been weathered quite a bit, but a few other bottles in the set have seen even more wear and tear (metaphorically).


Do you remember growing up and glass bottle drinks were somewhat readily available? Then plastic came to town. Ever since I was a child, I always preferred it in glass, just the taste, the clink sound it made when you put it on the table, and just everything about it.

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Taken on September 5, 2010