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Hey, I see a quorum here! Don't you? | by cod_gabriel
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Hey, I see a quorum here! Don't you?

Hi, my name is Roberta Anastase, and I'm the speaker of the Romanian House of Representatives.

I support president Basescu and his reforms (and he's supporting me). Therefore, if I say you're looking at a quorum, you're looking at a quorum. The room is full because I say so and I can pass laws with this quorum.

It's a fraud, you say?

You reactionary communist, you can't do anything about it, you can't stop our reforms and neither can prosecutors.

Due to the separation of powers, judiciary can't meddle in our affairs. Besides, no prosecutor will defy us, we control them because they are politically appointed.

You see now why mr. president wants a single-chamber Parliament?

With the current two-chamber system, we need two frauds to pass a law! Such bureaucracy!

With a single chamber, we can pass a law with only one fraud, instead of two. That's anticorruption, baby! Diminishing fraud by 50%!


Explanation: the picture is taken in one of the rooms of the Romanian Parliament.

The lower chamber of the Parliament has passed the Romanian pension reform law by a fraudulent vote count. There were only about 80 representatives in the room, but this bimbo, speaker Roberta Anastase, counted about 160 votes in favour on many articles of the law. Not to mention that the number of representatives in room was way below the quorum needed for a vote to be valid.

I think this is the room were the fraud occured.

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Taken on January 3, 2007