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Sight | by Cobra_11
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My friends' two kids forgot some toys at my place the other day. I stumbled upon this little toy only today. When I picked it up, I had to establish what it was first. Feeling the toy with my fingers, I quickly learnt that the toy was made of wood. It had a body, four legs, a tale, a head and two ears that moved - I concluded that the toy was a small animal, maybe a dog.


If you're blind, you compensate for the lost sight by using your other senses. Sometimes, just feeling the object is enough. Sometimes, you also use your ears to hear the sound that the object makes. Smelling the object could also help, and if the object can be eaten, you can also taste it. People who can see perceive things with their eyes. They establish if they like something or not and if something is pretty or not just by looking at it. But if you're blind, liking things and finding them pretty gains a new dimension. I used to like colourful things, but now I like things that are smooth, soft, or furry, things that smell nice or make pleasant sounds. I also like things that have lots of small details that I can feel with my fingers (like Lego creations). Sight comes in many forms and has nothing to do with whether you can use your eyes or not.


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Taken on March 6, 2012