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    Many people think that blindness is something scary and horrible and that blind people can't have fun. However, that's totally wrong! Sometimes, all that's needed are a few small adaptations...

    I love Rubik's cube. It's a great way to unwind the daily stress in a just a few minutes. However, a typical Rubik's cube is a strictly visual toy: you have to see the colours to be able to arrange them. But if you make a few small adaptations to this classic toy, you can still have fun even if you can't see. I made this one myself. I used little glittery studs and glue to write "RUBIK" on 5 sides of the cube in Braille and I left the sixth side of the cube empty. However, there are other ways to make a Rubik's cube for the blind: you can use little squares of different materials for every side of the cube (for example, wood, metal, foam, etc.); you can paste different shapes on every side (one side would have squares, one would have circles, etc.); you can use different sizes of beads for every side of the cube; etc. This way, playing with a Rubik's cube is possible just by touch.

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    1. MEaves 37 months ago | reply

      This is a great photo and a very cool creation

    2. Ron1988 37 months ago | reply

      Cool shot and I would never have come up with the idea. Nice job!!

    3. Cobra_11 37 months ago | reply

      MEaves thank you :-)
      Ron1988 thank you :-)
      natalija2006 hvala :-)

    4. pe_ha45 37 months ago | reply

      Genial! Das solltest Du Dir patentieren lassen!

    5. Cobra_11 37 months ago | reply

      Leider ist das schon patentiert :-) Aber weil ich keine solche Rubik's cube nirgendwo kaufen konnte, habe ich so was einfach selbst gemacht :-)

    6. BerColly 37 months ago | reply


      Merci pour votre visite et commentaires!
      Thanks for your visit and comments!

      Seen in the group"FlickrCentral"

    7. annkelliott 37 months ago | reply

      Interesting and creative idea!

    8. ineedathis, the older I get, the more fun I have! 37 months ago | reply

      People alway have the wrong perception:-) great shot!
      Have a great Sunday.

    9. Cobra_11 37 months ago | reply

      annkelliott thank you :-)
      ineedathis thank you :-) I wish you a great Sunday, too!

    10. Cobra_11 37 months ago | reply

      Thank you :-)

    11. Marjon Savelsberg 37 months ago | reply

      That's such a great idea!

    12. Cobra_11 37 months ago | reply

      Thank you :)

    13. THE chimes 37 months ago | reply

      this is very beautiful, and I love the idea. Great work!

    14. Brian Negus 37 months ago | reply

      Brilliant! Just before I browsed to this photo, I was putting the finishing touches to a talk I'm giving to a local Women's Institute tomorrow. I had literally just written this note for a closing comment. "Losing your sight needn't be the end - just the beginning of learning to do things differently."
      How wonderful, then , to see your cube.
      May I use the image as a closing image, please? It illustrates the point so well.

    15. Cobra_11 37 months ago | reply

      Thank you :-) I couldn't agree with you more! I think your closing is just perfect. About the photo: I've sent you a FlickrMail.

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