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I decided I wanted to change my wallet, so I had to move everything from my old one to the new one. Pretty simple, you might think. People who can see just stick their cards into the card-pockets, the change into a special pocket and the money into the main pocket. Blind people, however, need to be more organized. The cards and the change are not a problem, since you can remember their location. However, that's not the story with money. How do you tell what's 5 €, what's 10 €, and what is 50 € if you can't see the bills? The simplest method is to fold the bills in different ways, for example fold the 5 € twice, 10 € only in half, 20 € lengthwise, etc. That way you always know what you're paying with. One more thing: keep the clutter out. Don't stuff the receipts into the money-pocket. They don't feel the same as money, since they are made of different paper, but they might get tangled up with the money. In the end you could end up throwing money out with the receipts and not even know it.


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Taken on March 2, 2012