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Stop | by cobblucas
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1. to cease from, leave off, or discontinue: to stop running.


2. to cause to cease; put an end to: to stop noise in the street.


3. to interrupt, arrest, or check (a course, proceeding, process, etc.): Stop your work just a minute.


4. to cut off, intercept, or withhold: to stop supplies.


5. to restrain, hinder, or prevent (usually fol. by from ): I couldn't stop him from going.


6. to prevent from proceeding, acting, operating, continuing, etc.: to stop a speaker; to stop a car.


7. to block, obstruct, or close (a passageway, channel, opening, duct, etc.) (usually fol. by up ): He stopped up the sink with a paper towel. He stopped the hole in the tire with a patch.


8. to fill the hole or holes in (a wall, a decayed tooth, etc.).


9. to close (a container, tube, etc.) with a cork, plug, bung, or the like.


10. to close the external orifice of (the ears, nose, mouth, etc.).

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Uploaded on July 26, 2010