• Pretty cool in the original size here
  • My son does not stuff his turkeys for roasting, but does carefully check the internal temperature.
  • This is my turkey, and this image only was taken with a 1.3 megapixel camera. The other three were taken with my 6.0 megapixel DiMAGE.
  • My son's third turkey. We planned on up to 25 folks for dinner, so my son made all three. Mine was cooked late late late the night before so in my own home we'd have those great "turkey leftovers" this week.

4 Thanksgiving Turkeys by Mother and Son!

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This was a total thrill for me. I cooked this turkey (bottom left corner) per my son's directions. He cooked the other three at his mother-in-law's home where we all met for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Since my oldest son is a gourmet chef (and an executive manager as well) I was happy to have this opportunity to to have HIS guidance, ha ha!

I used to be a "brown paper bag" person for roasting my turkeys, since I wanted to make sure they stayed juicy. But I'm sold on his method. He slathers his turkey with a mix of softened butter mixed with mayonaise and you roast it uncovered. The picture at the top left is his smoked turkey, freshly drained from the brine. The turkey at the top right is being checked for a perfect temperature before he decided this one and the one below it were done.

If you really like to see cooking photos, you may enjoy seeing the original size version uploaded. There are notes added to this image, for those who really want details. And yes, it was a very happy Thanksgiving for our family this year!

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  1. by_irma 114 months ago | reply

    Typical America ;-)
    I smell it...

  2. smiling_da_vinci 114 months ago | reply

    Somehow I am starting to get hungry.

  3. cobalt123 114 months ago | reply

    Thanks for coming by and commenting, Mr. Smiling, alittam and Irma! After I posted this photo, guess what I did! Went right to the fridge and helped myself to a bowl of turkey and covered it with homemade cranberry sauce. Now that was a great late night treat for these wee hours of the morning - yum is right.

  4. mimbrava 114 months ago | reply

    Butter and mayo? I never heard of that to roast a turkey with.

    25 for dinner! Even with four turkeys, I don't imagine there were a whole lot of leftovers.

  5. Kim Taylor Hull 114 months ago | reply

    I am ready for turkey all over.. look s fabulous.. all of them

  6. Mr. Greenjeans 114 months ago | reply


  7. sophiacreek (again) 114 months ago | reply

    Looks like you had a delicious Thanksgiving.

  8. Claudecf 114 months ago | reply

    Great picture! FOUR turkeys!!!!
    I hope you have lots of leftovers! I love turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving
    Am a little late to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, but better late than never ;)

  9. Temeculamom 114 months ago | reply

    Four turkeys!?!? Wow! I bet you had a good crowd. How fun to have a son who is a chef. All four turkeys look fabulous. Thanks for the butter and mayo tip. I'm going to try it next year. I used a Rival roaster oven this year, and it cooked a 22 pound turkey in less than 3.5 hours. It was good too!

  10. ms.Tea 113 months ago | reply

    looks very yummy

  11. moonintow 77 months ago | reply

    Wow, beautiful photos. Is it ok if I use it for my facebook group? Here's the link - pop over!
    Are You Turning into Your Parent?

  12. cobalt123 77 months ago | reply

    @moonintow, fine for your use! Glad you found it interesting.

  13. irinsmith 67 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ARIZONA HOLIDAYS & SPECIAL EVENTS, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    mmmm. back in 2005? whats up for 2009? and are we all invited. Those turkeys look yummy.

  14. Dèsirèe Tonus 65 months ago | reply

    Bellimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!Congraturation beautiful!!!Please post your photo in my group!

  15. museumofworldwonders 50 months ago | reply

    cool picture!!

    Here is a picture of my turkey. Please take a look at him.

  16. latedeparture 41 months ago | reply

    Great picture! Thanks for sharing it - I've used it on my blog www.latedeparture.com/2011/11/20/this-week-thanksgiving-p...

  17. dabiscuit 33 months ago | reply

    damn those turkeys look bomb... compliments to the chef

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