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Still a Hippie Chick

For over 34 years now, I do more than just wear my protest buttons. This image is uploaded tonight to comment on my distaste for the obvious media manipulation today of the US in deference to the Bush administration. Early today President Bush had a press conference to give a "strong" "Churchill-style" (not my words) press conference to whip up enthusiasm for yet more US troops in Iraq. He cites the terrorist threats and strongholds in the Middle East. Then about 5:00 pm today it is announced that there are now 12,500 troops MORE in Iraq. About 159,000 "official" reported troops. And then around 7:00 pm CNN news breaks in with LIVE! ACTION! COVERAGE! of a possible terrorist thread to the NYC subway systerm. Coincidence the timing? I think not.


Cobalt is not fooled by the media, nor fooled by the Bush Administration.

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Taken on October 6, 2005