Letter C, in Neon (Crazy California)

I've got a series of images just for the "One Letter" group on flickr, and for those who use the flickr application called "Spell with flickr". This is from a casino sign in Laughlin, Nevada. BUT, I introduce it here to those who may be interested in my trip to Los Angles, California right now.


So, is the C for Crazy California or for Crazy cobalt?


On this long 7 hour drive from Phoenix, Arizona over west to La, I keep seeing things that seem improbable. Maybe my California flickr friends will be able to shed some light on these observations:


1. In Blythe, CA, I got gas at an ARCO Am/PM gas station for only ("only" !!!!) $2.77per gallon. This, of course, is horrifying, but around this place there were at least 6 other gas stations that advertised the gas price as $3.33! I knew the gas would be higher in California over Arizona, so I sought to buy it far enough outside of LA at the least price. And I heard on the radio that the $3.00 per gallon mark would be reached soon. But really, how can there be a 56 cent per gallon price difference within blocks of competitors? Something seems really skewed....


2. Where is that sign you read on trucks, saying "How's my driving", and giving a toll free number to call? Let me tell you, I needed it around Desert Palms, CA on I-10 for the driver of a double-trailer semi truck who tailgated like a crazy man and was a great danger on the road!


3. Signs were frequent on the Interstate, with speed as 70 mph, but there were other signs that said "trucks/trailers 55 mph". So how is it that every truck on the road was going 70 to 75 mph? Let me tell you,it is not fun being behind or alongside a double-trailer semi in strong wind where you are fighting for control and so is that driver.


4. I've rarely driven with such wind conditions as the stretch between Indio and Palm Springs. No signs about "dangerous cross currents", or "blowing dust" there, but it was like shafts of wind shear for about 30 miles, and so much dust that the wind threw down blankets of dust violently. Is this a rare event?


5. In Coachilla, CA I went to a Carl's restaurant about midnight, and was told I could not order for their computers are always down then for 10 minutes. I offered to pay cash and exact price, but the answer was "no" because no order could be taken without a computer. I was thinking, what happened to pencil and paper, or use of a calculator! Really, the food and employees were present, but the concept of taking an order "rote" was beyond the staff.


6. With an unfortunate name, the Morongo Casino, with its huge neon displays, always strikes me as "Moron Go to Casino"....


7. Remember that rotten truck driver I mentioned earlier? I was glad to see him pulled over for a truck scales inspection around the "29 Palms" exit. Then, 50 miles later he caught up with me and yes, he was speeding up and slowing down, with tailgating me and others once again. Watch out for trucks from GI Trucking Company!


8. I passed the exit for "Running Springs, CA". Realistically, could a "spring" not always be considered as "running"?


Ah, these are just the random observations of a traveler in the US. I am sure that the US of A has far more idiosyncracies that other countries, right?

  • cobalt123 8y

    Here is a sample of the "spell with flickr" application, by Eric Kastner:

    Ff L RED I exhibition cabinet c K One Letter - R
  • The Grand Duchess 8y

    Nice 'C' BJ!
    1. I am tired of being a pawn in this country's stupid gas pricing game!!
    2. Numerous times have thought about calling that #800 How's My Driving? number!!!
    3....and they don't even remember an old cash register at all....let alone how to make change unless the machine does the math for them! Can't believe how we have managed to 'dumb-down' the population!!
    3. Don't forget Connecticut has that huge monstrosity called 'Foxwoods' that looms on the skyline every time we drive to RI!!
    Amazing the size of the place and the amount of people there at any given time...o_0
    4. and while you are at it, Shop Rite trucks belong to that same category!! We were given a tough time by one of their drivers very similar to your scenario!
    5. LOL...sound like old Indian name....you know, Running Springs, Howling Wolf, Curvey Road!!

    You drive carefully BJ and have a good time;-)))
  • cobalt123 8y

    Thanks for your fun reply post, Diane! I was curious to see if anyone at all would read my rant of the night, ha ha!

    I promise I will try to get interesting photos while I am in LA. Most of the time I will be at the conference for people with disabilities and about assistive technology. (It's a job thang)
  • annabellafranc 8y

    Well I enjoyed the rant ! But your petrol prices are still very low in comparison to ours...

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • tom debrayanna 8y

    i 'll go with Crazy Cobalt

    4... common.... there goes the car paint
  • Mustangaly911 8y

    Oh how I can relate to you BJ!!!! There is so much to see while driving, yet there can be so many hassles while driving too.
    You be safe now .... Ya hear

    "C"= Cool pic
  • Temeculamom 8y

    I'm glad you arrived safely! Cool "C". I love "spell with flickr"!

    I live in SoCal, so I feel your driving pain. That wind whips pretty strong at times, but it was especially forceful around the time you were getting here. I hate, hate, hate driving in that.

    Ha! I used to do background investigations for GI Trucking's drivers, so at least I can tell you the terrible driver had no criminal record-lol!

    Gas-don't even want to talk about it. It is over $3 a gallon now.

    The Carl's Jr thing is just inexplicable. Can't write down the order, take the cash and give you change and ring it up ten minutes later?
  • HannyB 8y

    C for Cobalt, I don't know about crazy though... :)
    very nice image!
  • Paolo Orsacchini 8y

    nice C!
  • The Pen Guy 7y

    My life will never be the same again, ever!!!!!!!!!
  • ingridf_nl 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called no, *you're* awesome, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Nick Florio 6y

    7 Hours from Phoenix to L.A.? Takes me 5 1/2 ...you must go the speed limit along with multiple stops to take photos. Nice Photo Set.
  • charlotte izambard 5y

    Bonjour, je suis un administrateur du groupe TypOgraphie UrBaine, et nous aimerions beaucoup que vous ajoutiez votre photo à notre groupe.
  • milo057703530 4y

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Taken on February 7, 2007
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