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Nomination statistics for each category, as presented on Saturday 4th April during the announcement of this year's Hugo Award shortlists.


For comparison, the ranges last year were as follows:


Best Novel 98-368

Best Novella 86-143

Best Novelette 69-118

Best Short Story 43-79

Best Related Work 52-89

Best Graphic Story 28-164

Best Dramatic Presentation Long: 138-401

Best Dramatic Presentation Short: 38-212

Best Editor Short: 86-182

Best Editor Long: 48-169

Best Professional Artist: 49-129

Best Semiprozine: 60-162

Best Fanzine: 53-107

Best Fancast: 35-81

Best Fan Writer: 62-94

Best Fan Artist: 31-46

John W Campbell Award: 70-156


Conclusion: in every category where the Sad/Rabid Puppy campaign put forward a slate, the minimum number of nominations needed to make the ballot was higher than in previous years, often a lot higher (Best Related went from a 52 threshold to 206); and in every such category, the maximum number of nominations received for a single work increased, often by over 100 (Best Novella went from a 143 maximum to 338).


Update 15 April: two nominees were found to be ineligible and removed from the ballot, replaced by the next-highest, which changes the low numbers in those category ranges as follows:


* Novelette went from 165 to 72 (replacing Puppy with non-Puppy)

* Pro Artist went from 136 to 118 (replacing Sad with Rabid)




Update 17 April: two nominees withdrew (one in Novel, one in Short Story) and were replaced with new nominees, which changes the low numbers in those category ranges as follows:


* Novel went from 256 to 212 (replacing Puppy with non-Puppy)

* Short story went from 151 to 132 (replacing Puppy with Sad-only)


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