Ten Acres & Stirchley Co-op
The Ten Acres and Stirchley Street Co-operative Society was formed in 1875 in Stirchley, Birmingham, UK. From humble beginnings grew a network of over fifty retail shops, four departmental stores (called 'Emporiums'), a dairy, bakery, laundry, garage and Central premises, along with education rooms, meeting halls and more. Postwar they flourished, along with all other Co-ops in the UK, opening shops on new council estates. By the late 1960's, they were in trouble, small 'corner' shops were out of fashion as supermarkets came in to vogue. By 1968 they had vested their management in the national Co-op (CWS) and in 1971 were absorbed into the larger neighbouring Birmingham Co-op (BCS). BCS immediately demolished the central store and built a modern (for 1975) superstore, rebuilt in the early 2000's and now under threat from those nice chaps at TESCO. Today they are part of MIDLANDS CO-OP based in Lichfield, and a total of 14 former TASCOS shops are still run by the Co-op.
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