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Sunset over Iguazu

The great thing about the Brazilian side of Iguazu is that there are no limits on taking pictures at any time of day....(unlike the Argentinian side).


So I went out at sunset to watch the colours appear. A truly stunning sight and a waterfall like no other I have seen.


Simply magic!!



Many people have been debating on Reddit.com how this picture was taken and apologize for not posting this information before. Life gets pretty busy. But here you are:


- Canon 30D

- Fisheye 15mm Lens

- Slik Tripod and Cable release

- I took three exposures at f/13 (1/4 sec, 1.3 sec, 4 sec)

- I used Photomatix Pro to combine the three pics into an HDR pic. (I use some of the Trey Ratcliff tips....http://www.stuckincustoms.com/. I like his work a lot!)

- Saved as a JPG and brought back into Lightroom

- Auto tone and a little sharpening.

- Thats it!


Only 4 people were there. My wife, myself and two other Brazilians. And my wife and I think this final result is a pretty accurate reflection of the scene....ohh except for the whispy falls...it don't look like that through your eye ;).


I could have probably yielded similar results with a graduated density filter, but I don't have one for my fish eye...doh!

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Taken on January 8, 2010