• far from having the perfect bod. or any business showing this much skin. but it's for a good cause.

4/365 Boobiethon!

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for the breast cancer awareness month. breast cancer is a very scary thing to me. my grandmother passed away from skin cancer.

i've always had this fear that cancer would claim me. that i'd be that 1 person out of 5 diagnosed with cancer.

my heart goes out to every person that has been affected by this ugly killer. and can only hope that more and more women are becoming aware. are becoming informed.

have you played with your boobies yet?
here's how

  1. espressoDOM 79 months ago | reply

    hehehe..... love the last line

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  2. just call me Mr Lucky 79 months ago | reply

    My wife's mother died from breast cancer, and both my mother and grandmother are survivors - so for me, this is boobie-thon is less "fun" than it is for most people, maybe...

    It IS for a good cause, and thanks for adding your voice. I clicked on your link, and read the article. I know all this, but it's a very good reminder.
    And a very pretty picture, Chriselda...

  3. -mrsraggle- 79 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot-love the soft tones.

  4. (M@) 79 months ago | reply

    Great shot. Thanks for playing today. :)

  5. chrise!da 79 months ago | reply

    lol. thanks. it's weird how you can talk about breast cancer all the time and nobody really pays mind. but at a party last night i had asked everyone if they had played with their boobies and it got attention. lol
    yes, not to cast judgement on any other images... i just wanted to make sure that my image wasn't a gratuitous cleavage shot or something taken for shock value. i guess it's sort of a soft "homage" to those who are affected. to tell them i haven't forgotten.
    thank you. it's a combination of desaturation, sliding the ACR "clarity" toolbar to the right and a texture that i colorized before i put it on.
    aw thanks. you amaze ME.
    thanks! i love that we are spreading the word!

  6. Amadika 79 months ago | reply

    think pink ! lovely shot !

  7. highlymoody 79 months ago | reply

    lovely photo.

    Thanks you for adding this photo to the Boobie-Thon pool. Feel free to submit it directly to the Boobie-Thon™ website as well. We would love to have this as part of this year's event.

    Melissa, Chief Boobie Officer :)

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