Habu Heading Home

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    If you were a refueling boom operator, you might have had a view much like this as the SR-71 came in for a fill-up. (Maybe a little lower.) He'd drop out of the sky from 80,000 feet and suddenly appear, top off his tanks, and be gone again. Magic...

    For more information, one good source is the Wikipedia article. There's also a page with links to many other Blackbird sites.

    And a few of you may recognize the background image.

    (Also try it on black.)

    And to all of you who have fav'd this, I've seen the amazing shots in your favs and am honored to be there.

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    1. Trig::Photographie 68 months ago | reply

      Wow!! I envy you...

      An instant fave for me!!

    2. LesMeister 68 months ago | reply

      looks great this way.. without the drone..!!
      seeing as there are no new photos of this magnificent beauty in the air..... its great that your effort here helps us enjoy them more.... better than my boring museum photos..!!
      well done..!!
      at Duxford its hard to fit the whole plane in unless you use a fisheye.
      i would have loved to have seen it fly..!!! count yourself very lucky..!!

    3. CJ Madson 68 months ago | reply

      Trig, LM, sinziene, merci. I've been around enough and poked my nose into enough spots to get the benefits (along with some very cold days in Dayton, Ohio). And hey, LM, this one started as a kinda boring museum photo too. I do give credit to the Museum of Flight for having the plane fully visible from the stairway. It's often difficult or impossible to show the whole plane. Another shot I won't be able to repeat is this one, because they've since moved the plane inside. That's good for the plane but bad for full-plane shots.

    4. Jared Benney 64 months ago | reply

      Dunno if you have seen this www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDbQ5xvsrIU I must admit on first view I thought it was this but kudos to you for the editing.

    5. K@spa 64 months ago | reply

      Cool Shot !!!

    6. C.A.J. 62 months ago | reply

      This image is "Crazy Good;" You didn't waste one minute processing it, You are excellent at P.S., this is how you should use it. Some over worked P.S. images are painful to look at. this is a treat for my eyes. One question I have, is the slight halo a result of over sharpening or a by-product of your plane layer slightly smaller than the background layer?

    7. CJ Madson 62 months ago | reply

      Many thanks, folks -- especially your great comments, caj.

      That halo is a result of resizing (and possibly some sharpening) done by flickr. If you could see the version I uploaded (at 800 pixels wide) you wouldn't see that artifact. It hasn't really shown up before, but now I may be able to notice it (esp. on a few other shots with sharp foreground edges over a softer background).

      And I guess I should've logged the time spent, just for posterity. I know I originally figured it wouldn't take more than a few hours...

    8. C.A.J. 62 months ago | reply

      I'll guarantee you nobody but a perfectionist would have noticed the halo, I only noticed it while using my wifes much better Vista powered laptop. By the way, I thought I was impressed with your car images, your aviation art, and I mean ART is awesome, I'll be coming back for more.
      I thought an example of my humble attempt at aviation art would be appropriate ....caj

      Red Baron Original Painting

    9. CJ Madson 62 months ago | reply

      caj, that's really cool to hear -- I assume it's mostly decent craftsmanship on my part and a rare winner here and there.

      (And hey, you found a reason to use Vista! ;-)

      But that's a great illustration -- water color, acrylic, oil, ...? Or maybe digital?

    10. C.A.J. 62 months ago | reply

      It's good old fashion oil paint with Liquin medium to speed up the drying process. It hangs on my wall, I just processed it enough to reduce and compress the image for the Internet. Looking forward too seeing your latest work.....caj

    11. grady_coferjr 58 months ago | reply

      Great photo shot!!!! I think the SR-71 Blackbird is one of the best planes ever built!!!! It was ahead of it's time!!!!!!!

    12. mgroeger 49 months ago | reply

      Carl, you are no ordinary electrician are you ;/ Hard work really does pay off. This pic has the wow factor we all aspire to. You Da' Man.

    13. badjayt 48 months ago | reply


    14. Beach Culture 47 months ago | reply

      The SR-71 ..............Just stunning.

    15. Camera&I 47 months ago | reply


    16. Τ 46 months ago | reply

      Very impressive sight and quite a nice post-processing.

    17. ♫(♥)(♥)Password_french(♥)(♥)♫ 46 months ago | reply

      When I was a kid I had a book with a SR 71 pic.
      I spent hours dreaming in front of this. I was a pilot , I was spaceship pilot ..

    18. CJ Madson 42 months ago | reply

      Dudes/dudettes, many thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment. It's gratifying to see the hours of processing come back amplified by the kind words.

      Plus... this just hit 400 favs ! Craziness. I only have one shot with more favs and it's a delicious athletic woman in tight pants, and she definitely did all the work. So having this one being a close second is really great. Mille grazie...

    19. RogerCGreenPhotography 24 months ago | reply

      Just to add..
      I was down on the Intrepid in NYC a long ,long time ago with my kids. This was on deck.
      I walked up to feel it and was amazed how thin the front end of the bird was, as I ran my palm over the edge.. I could actually put my fingers and thumb around it and when I thought no one was looking ,did a couple of pull-ups.

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