Leica M3

~explored :)


Ain't that amazing: you sell one digital camera (Leica M8) and can buy 2 of the best film cameras ever made (Rolleiflex SL66 + Leica M3) and two great lenses (80mm Zeiss Planar + 50mm Zeiss Distagon) and a scanner and film and chemicals AND get all the fun you've got with film as well?! :))


This beauty arrived today and you can't imagine how happy I am. A dream came true and I hope I will still have this camera when I'm old and grumpy. It's the complete opposite of the SL66, so light, so quiet, so...sigh :)


Edit: Well, one day after the beauty arrived, I broke a bone in my knee. Guess new uploads won't be that quick :(

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Taken on April 13, 2011