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Der Neugierige (The Eager Questioner) by Franz Schubert / Vocal and Piano by Clyde Semler / vii.iii.xii

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This is number 6 in the cycle of 20 songs which Franz Schubert wrote in his song cycle Die Schoene Muellerin (The Beautiful Maid of the Mill) in 1823. Schubert set the music for the songs to the poetry of Wilhelm Mueller who completed the 20 poems in 1820.


I apologize for many problems with vocal support. I guess after the 7 holes punctured in my abdomen four weeks ago during my surgery, I'm still not quite the old windbag you've become accustomed to.




Der Neugierige


Ich frage keine Blume,

Ich frage keinen Stern;

Sie koennen mir alle nicht sagen,

Was ich erfuehr so gern.


Ich bin ja auch kein Gaertner,

Die Sterne stehn zu hoch;

Mein Baechlein will ich fragen,

Ob mich mein Herz belog.


O Baechlein meiner Liebe,

Wie bist du heut so stumm!

Will ja nur eines wissen,

Ein Woertchen um und um.


Ja, heisst das eine Woertchen,

Das andre heisset nein,

Die beiden Woertchen schliessen

Die ganze Welt mir ein.


O Baechlein meiner Liebe,

Was bist du wunderlich!

Will's ja nicht weiter sagen,

Sag, Baechlein, liebt sie mich?




The Eager Questioner


I ask it of no flower,

I ask it of no star;

None of them could tell me

What I would so gladly learn.


I am no gardener, either,

And the stars are too high above,

So I will ask my brooklet

Whether my heart has deceived me.


O brooklet dear,

How mute you are today!

I would know one thing only...

One word again and again.


"Yes" is the one little word,

The other is "no";

The two of them contain

The whole world for me.


Oh brooklet dear,

How strange you are!

I won't repeat what you tell me,

Say, brooklet, does she love me?




Die Schoene Muellerin:


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