Clyde's Mongolia Adventure 2008
The University of Missouri has a very good program to expand academia's international knowledge base. Each year two teams of faculty and staff are selected to visit a country as Global Scholars.
For the summer of 2008, one team went to Peru and the other to Mongolia. I was selected for the tour of the Land of the Endless Blue Sky.
Our mission is to rediscover what most western texts skipped when talking about Genghis Khan. For one, its Chingaas Khaan and the "k" is silent. For another, he wasn't a monster. He abolished torture, instituted religious freedom and set up one heck of a post office in the 13th Century when Europeans hacked up heretics and could get a message across town.
I blogged my observations at But here are some of the photos. Enjoy (but remember they are my photos, so no commercial use and they must be credited in other uses).
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