Education for Shared Societies Policy Dialogue
The Education for Shared Societies Policy Dialogue was organized by the WLA-Club de Madrid in partnership with organizations, institutions and private companies, seeking to contribute to a better education for all.

The overarching topic of the Policy Dialogue, “Education for Shared Societies”, refers to the role of education as an essential lever to build inclusive democratic societies, with freedom to express their differences in a common search for social cohesion. Obstacles to achieving shared societies are multiple and complex but, in this Policy Dialogue, the WLA - CdM zeroed-in on three particularly taxing challenges putting social cohesion under stress across the globe and which, at the very outset, must be tackled through education - radicalization and violent extremism (EPVE); migration, refugee flows and internal displacements; and the need for digital resilience in an increasingly interconnected world.

Three working groups drafted key components of an agenda with policy changes for each area, discussed by educators, policy-makers, WLA - CdM Members, and experts, and incorporated ideas during the Action Labs organized during the Policy Dialogue.

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