Geeky Goody Baskets
Each year at our Geek Gala we raffle off our themed Geeky Goody Baskets. The proceeds from the raffle tickets go directly to our charity, Children's Home Society of NC. We've had some amazing stuff donated over the years! Past year's themes have included: · Geeky Reader – fiction
· Geeky Reader – nonfiction
· BBC Geekmerica (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Being Human, Sherlock, Harry Potter – if the Brits inspired it – it goes here)
· Coffin of Zombies
· Crate of Comics
· Gamer’s Delight (D&D books, Board & Card Games, etc.)
· Geeky Crafter (Items for make-your-own geekery)
· Geeky Gourmet
· Handbag of Horrors
· Couch Potato (Geeky Movies & Munchies)
· Musical Madness (CDs & Swag of Geeky MusicalArtists)
· Star Trek
· Star Wars
· Steampunk
· Warm Fuzzies (Anime/Manga stuff)
· Whedonverse (Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, etc.)
· Ye Olde Geekery (Renaissance)
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