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So the other day I finally got to talk to Adam on the phone...for the first time in such a long time. Then that night I had the most wonderful dream about him.


I dreamt he came home, and we were on a trip somewhere. We ended up meeting my flickr friend Anna and she invited us out for a day of picture taking. We were wandering through this most beautiful amazing surreal small town. Everything was perfect, the light was beautifully golden and the town was like something out of a storybook. Adam and I were sitting on this low brick wall and suddenly it started to snow. I remember thinking it was very odd because it was so warm out.... but there it was snowing.... Anna took our picture as we sat there cuddled up together. I remember in the dream that it was the most amazing picture was so natural and magical. I loved it because for once there was a picture of us that I didn't take. For once there was a picture of us sitting together, not posing. After that she invited us to a photography club...and when we walked in I recognized everyone as all the wonderful people I know and love here on Flickr! I wish I could remember who was all was there... but I can't. Anyway we all went off to explore a big giant abandonded mansion... it was clearly empty but it wasn't run-down at was in pristine condition with sparkling marble floors and grand staircases. As everyone went off to take pictures Adam and I snuck away to be alone and have wonderful romantic moments I'm certainly not going to write about here haha.


It was the perfect dream. And it was incredibly sad to wake up from. It felt so real it was almost like having him back for a night....and waking up almost felt like watching him sail away again.

It's also very odd to dream about someone you have never met before but I think I know why my subconscious brain picked Anna out of all people. She is by far one of the photographers I admire most and I think if anyone were to be able to take the perfect dream would be her.


Anyway as for this photo....I am determined to learn to love my lensbaby...and I think it will live on my camera for a while until I get the hang of it. I like this photo, I wanted to show off my ring and the one part of me I'm never insecure about...which is my legs. I've been feeling randomly ugly and insecure lately... Adam is trying is hardest to make me feel pretty from way out at sea... but, unfortunately its an internal problem that no external force can fix, not even my loving husband. I hope this photo is appropriate. I feel that it is...I feel its innocent and beautiful and I hope that is how other people see it....

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Taken on April 27, 2012